Leisurely travel slow and easy

In the era of fast, when we demand instant gratification,  with information available at your finger tips, it’s hard to believe that there is movement in the opposite direction.  As baby boomers age, the travel industry is seeing an increase in travel among boomers,  With more time for leisure activities, travel at least for the boomers is all about slow.

With that in mind, let’s  explore what slow means when travelling.  Most of list  is located in Europe where slow is certainly more prevalent.  You also have your choice of walking, canoeing , sailing, or even painting at different spots.

The cuisine varies as does the accommodation and of course the cost depends on both location and activities.   So grab a glass of wine and enjoy a leisurely view of travel.  Hopefully you will discover your next vacation.

Here, we offer a selection of trips that embrace the notion of slow. Some may have an apparent lack of oomph – that’s the point – as they involve having more time to do fewer things, and do them better; more time to escape technology and timetables; to dull the world’s background noise; and to enjoy what a good holiday has always offered – the chance to relax, reflect and reconnect’

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